Year: 1996-1997
Month: January
Leader: Group J

Situation/Case Study:

Both teachers are extremely concerned about the male student who has a serious twitch. Initially the student had just an eye that twitched, now his whole head jerks sporadically. The mother has been confronted and her response has been that the boy will grow out of it, another brother also had the same "problem". The teachers feel the mother is overprotective. The mother claims she had the boy checked for both ADD and The Tourette's Syndrome. Both tests were negative. The problem for the teachers is that the boy is being made fun of and picked on because of his disorder. The boy reacts with anger and starts fights himself and as a result a vicious cycle is being played out daily in his classes. Though the boy is "smart" he can not concentrate or be organized and this is also jeopardizing his academic status. The mother's solution to his academic failures was to buy him an organizer and to pack his bag in the mornings. Neither effort changes what is happening in the classroom. The teachers were questioning