Year: 1998-1999
Month: May
Leader: Group F

Situation/Case Study:

End of year lack of student motivation

End of year apathy, the nice weather is influencing student motivation. Long extended projects are difficult at the end of the year. Lack of attention span. Students have mental fatigue. Psychological let down because the end of the school year is near. Students who are failing see little purpose for continuing to struggle, sense of hopelessness, see no reason to keep trying. Some have had the bad academic habits all school year. Believe that it doesn't "count" now. Students are in the countdown to the end of the year, tired after the pace of the year. Parents view it as just getting through to the end of the year. Students are looking forward to next year, new teacher, current teacher is old news. Not trying to please him/her as much.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:

Extend deadlines as necessary. Provide more structure. Call parents and let them know about missing work. Provide progress reports, weekly for some students. Monitor the work more closely. Provide work time during class. Use more projects. Let students pick projects from a list. Give them more choices in learning. Provide clear criteria for their work. Use the first part of an hour for instruction, second part for work time. Give rewards for work that is done: candy, free homework passes. Give them free time at the end of an hour as a recognition being on task during class.