Year: 1996-1997
Month: December
Leader: Group K

Situation/Case Study:

This student has had problems getting work finished and when spoken with, the mother said he was adjusting to the new school and was not used to having homework. They worked with the child and the homeroom teacher noticed a big improvement in his being caught up. At conferences, the parent reported that one day he locked himself in the bathroom and shouted, "I can't stand the pressure. I'm not going to school today." The teacher has not noticed any sign of stress at school. When she asked him how he felt about school he wouldn't acknowledge that there were any problems. She asked if he would like to be taken out of the top math group, if it was too much work or two hard and he said he wanted to stay. The teacher wonders if he does this to get mom upset at home, or if he is really under stress and just hiding it at school.