Year: 1997-1998
Month: January
Leader: Group G

Situation/Case Study:

I teach 1, 2, 3, 4 grade. Six classes daily - math or reading. Lunch 10:45-11:15. Reading flex class 11:15 - 18 kids. Hi functioning. My role is to challenge them. Focusing on phonics. Build foundation. This week we have a science residency. Dilemma: so much commotion when I teach. Teachers sit at one table during fruit break, occasionally get up to correct behavior. Three classrooms on one side, two on the other. Kids in hallway are real distraction. I've talked to teachers, they said fine. We'll watch time. I've had to take kids during my lunch. Once in a while I see yo yos. I get distracted I look for words to show concepts. I can't hear words. They have quiet voices. I don't like to talk louder. I approached teacher. It helped a little bit. I'm really worried. It distracts students and me. I am more structured - maybe the children don't notice as much as I do. Q: Have you gone to the 4th grade team meeting to discuss it? T: sometimes - I stay for part of it. I haven't presented it to team meeting. Input: It is a wild fruit break. T: It is a wonderful team of teachers Q: Would you feel purpose of flex group - LRT to reduce class size Q:How big? T: 27-30 Q: Does anyone do this with young kids? T: no, they go to Chapter/Title Q: Where are you located personally T: I have a space - file cabinet, desk with 5 drawers within 20 feet.

If I were a teacher in your position, I would be frustrated because the environment you are teaching in is not conducive to learning. You feel it is your job to provide a positive educational environment but you also feel it is out of control. A teacher in this position feels frustrated, not valued, angry and maybe inadequate because she can not function as a teacher and her students are not able to learn in this noisy, chaotic setting. A teacher in this position feels frustrated because the teachers are failing to see that their students are causing a chaotic learning environment. A teacher in this position feels uncomfortable with the idea of having to approach the teachers with this problem. A teacher in this situation may feel frustrated and angry at times. It is difficult to teach in an open space and you may feel as if other teachers don't respect your teaching because they don't follow a schedule or work to keep distractions away from that teaching space. A teacher in this situation would feel frustrated when teaching is distracted. She feels this way because the other teachers in the team area do not either, understand or respect her workspace. The teachers and students are not sensitive to others that are learning. A teacher in this position would feel frustrated and angry because of the lack of peer professional respect for her necessity to teach the kids. I'm frustrated because I'm not able to give my students the attention I feel they need and deserve. I'm uncomfortable about approaching the teachers that have the classes that are making the noise. A teacher in this position might feel frustrated/angry because she is unable to carry out her plans since there is so much commotion outside her space.

Theories behind practice:
Environment - conducive to learning - allows concentration (degree of quiet, not distracted 4 walls) productive noise is OK, but this is intrusive noise Students need elements to encourage participation Professionalism - teachers and students need to respect other teachers.

Impact on others:
Appropriate teaching conditions.

Go to team meeting. Ask for a brainstorming session/suggestions? Anyway to redesign space? I would hope they'd change their time - 5 minutes earlier. Gather students to home have 5 min. earlier. Support from 4th graders. Assign a fruit break monitor. Can the class use it for a problem solving session. Another dilemma - my students aren't always on time.