Year: 1997-1998
Month: October
Leader: Group L

Situation/Case Study:

Severe behavior problems.Media. Physiological factors (brain development). Time management.

Teachers in this situation might feel ineffective and frustrated.

Theories behind practice:
Use of motivation theory can impact behavior problems (i.e., the use of extrinsic motivation to increase appropriate behaviors and the gradual development of intrinsic motivation. Parental problems (i.e., alcohol/drug abuse) can adversely affect a student 's motivation. Academic underachievement can adversely affect motivation. Family transience can also affect motivation. Research has documented that a student's connection to their school, family, and community directly affects their motivation. Children who are pressured to grow up too soon may experience motivational problems.

Impact on others:

Focus on one behavior problem; create a behavior contract to effectively address that one behavior; clarify the behavior that is acceptable; incorporate frequent phone/note contacts and consider home privileges/sanctions, engaging parental cooperation; revise contract to include additional behavior problems as initial problem behavior subsides. Structure the environment to impact behavior problems (i.e., with-it-ness, overlapping, group focus, establishing and consistently reinforcing classroom procedures and rules.) Consider the option of giving problem behavior students the opportunity to tutor younger students--this often positively impacts problem behavior. Community service can also positively impact problem behavior. Consider class isolation (i.e., turning desk away from class).

Last month's issue, severe behavior problems, was reviewed. Since this issue did not appear to be resolved, the group chose to continue to address this issue more comprehensively. At the end of this session, the group debriefed, feeling that the process had been informative. The teachers expressed the desire to obtain more information regarding possible theoretical underpinnings of behavior problems and motivation. The facilitator offered to bring a packet of related information for the teachers to review