Year: 1996-1997
Month: March
Leader: Group E

Situation/Case Study:

I have a problem I have been dealing with for two years. I have a third grade boy with low reading ability. I have done lots of prep for him and put together things for him to take home and work with his parents. His parents won't allow him to be assessed for extra help. I worry about him. I have tried to help but there isn't enough money or time to help focus more on his needs. My student is a wonderful little boy. He works hard and tries his best. Parents want to know "What's a typical third grader is able to do?" The parents go in circles about what they should do. The first grade teacher never told them all her concerns. Last year I did tell them but they never did anything with that information. I put together extra learning materials but the parents never did much with that either. The parents' level of valuing school is in question. Dad may have been LD in school and is not trusting of the school. The parents have been invited to come in and see how things go, but they do not. The parent requested me again for this year but they do not cooperate. The parents seem to blame others for the child's situation. The boy is not ready to be on his own. I gave the parents the names of tutors but they have not followed through. I have tried to get the parents to do some pre-teaching of reading and vocabulary assignments but they do not follow through. The boy is beginning to learn that he is different from the other kids and that he can not do what the other can. He is one of 26 in my classroom. The school's special helper has seven hours to see 1 kids. Wouldn't we like to have all our kids in a group of two? The parents will not allow us to assess the boy.

The teacher feels frustrated because she can't force the parents to do more for their kid. The teacher feels irritated that more could be done. This doesn't have to be such a problem. The teacher feels betrayed that the system lets these kids in need slip through without the skills they need to be successful in the next grade. The teacher feels so frustrated not getting support from the parents. Are the parents ever going to get involved? The teacher feels like you're running around trying to help but your work goes to waste at home. The kid feels bad. The teacher feels overwhelmed at the amount of work she has done but not gotten anything back. Does anyone appreciate the gift she gave of her efforts? The teacher feels she is not being heard. Do they respect me? They still don't seem to get the message. The teacher feels frustrated by the lack of money to make the system work. The teacher feels heartbroken about the future of this child. The teacher feels frustrated that no one is helping parents deal with their fears.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:


The discussion moved off to what and how should you document students and parents.