Year: 1998-1999
Month: December
Leader: Group F

Situation/Case Study:

Combined problems with destruction of class materials/resources.

The students are testing their limits. May be a power struggle, want to control the class. Showing disregard for teacher/class/school. Students do not think the teacher will find out who did it. No way to get “caught”. Students do not realize that it is important to take care of the materials; that the teacher cares about the materials. Students need to know expectations about use of shared materials. Students perceive that the teacher is too busy to notice. Students lack respect for using shared materials. Students don’t know expectations related to using shared materials. Expectations need to be more clearly stated and regulated. Is this revenge behavior? Lack of respect for school property. Students don’t realize the cost of the school property and do not respect it.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:

Set up expectations for use of the materials. Talk to individuals if you can identify who might be involved. Set up consequences: need to replace the materials damaged. Ask that the next hour reports any damaged materials. Set up particular folders and assign them to students, it is then their responsibility for caring for the materials. Ask students for solutions. Get parents involved as appropriate.