Year: 1997-1998
Month: September
Leader: Group G

Situation/Case Study:

At the start of the year, we like to start new, put away the problems of last year. In my house, my parents would never have written such a note. I tried not to get mad at the kid. I had him pegged as a good kid. I wanted to say to him, "What's the deal?" I don't want to hold it against him. I've gone through so many emotions. Again the parent said, "This isn't the way I heard it. You accused my A student of cheating."


Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:

Call soon so that you get this taken care of. Ask parent her version. Talk to the child. Is there a policy that is related? In the 6th grade handbook, cheating is not included.

We had a brief meeting because of introductions and set up.