Year: 1997-1998
Month: September
Leader: Group L

Situation/Case Study:

Characteristics of beginning-of-the-year student behaviors: incessant talking; getting out of chairs; blurting out; what are we doing comments; throwing pens; and group dynamics.


Theories behind practice:
A teacher may feel frustrated because she's doing her job and trying to do it well and doesn't feel valued. A teacher might feel frustrated because of a lack of practical solutions. A teacher 's motivation. Academic underachievement can adversely affect motivation. Family transience can also affect motivation. Research has documented that a student's connection to their school, family, and community directly affects their motivation. Children who are pressured to grow up too soon may experience motivational problems.

Impact on others:

Set clear boundaries. Not okay for you to do this in class. Enlist dean at the beginning. Bring up feelings (relate to star, how they are affecting teacher and others). May need to set up token systems. Sharp point start with 100 - take away for not following teacher expectations but there will be ways to regain the points back. Keep class a little off balance. Use the unexpected. Keep the pace up.