Year: 1996-1997
Month: December
Leader: Group H

Situation/Case Study:

An intern is coordinating the intramural basketball program in the gym when a student gets hurt. He is alone and there is no phone available nearby to call for emergency assistance. He handles the situation and has thought through how to avoid similar situations in the future. So far, his suggestions have not been addressed and he is unsure about how to proceed since he is an intern in the school.

A teacher in such a situation might feel frustrated because of the lack of communication relating to the specific duties and responsibilities of the position. A teacher might feel scared because he had difficulty accessing emergency care. A teacher might feel frustrated because he would feel responsible for the safety of the students involved and would feel like the district was not supporting him by providing adequate safety systems. A teacher might feel helpless, irritated and frustrated because of the lack of support from administrators. Teacher might feel frustrated from a lack of support and direction. This frustration stems from his feeling unsure of his "power" position in the system; he's an intern. It's a type of non-status - a teacher but not a teacher. He has ideas to implement but not sure if he should. He wants safety precautions (phone) installed and feels the "higher powers" do not see this as a priority.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:
Emergency plans. Teacher (intern) status. Administrative follow-through.

Communication is needed. The administration should provide the necessary information to the teacher. Prepare the teacher so they know what to do (training) and have the proper equipment available, i.e., telephone and an emergency plan.