Year: 1996-1997
Month: January
Leader: Group H

Situation/Case Study:

I have three students who were caught sharing assignments in keyboarding. I confronted them today and don't think I got the message through to them. Why? Because two of the students re-typed their documents and handed them in again for credit.

A teacher might feel confused about how to set meaningful consequences for students who cheat. It is especially tough when students are being altruistic in their cheating. A teacher might feel unsure if she needs to contact parents. How serious is this one incident? A teacher might feel violated and disrespected. A teacher might feel that she's losing control. A teacher might feel that she didn't give adequate rules in the beginning and frustrated with what to do. A teacher might feel upset because the students were cheating (sharing assignments) and ignored the instructions that the assignment was given a "0" and couldn't be made up. A teacher might feel frustrated because the students have violated a trusting relationship and have tried to take advantage of the situation.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:

Call in parents if this persists. The student should write a note home explaining what happened. The student writes a letter home describing the situation. The letter must be signed before gaining entrance to the class or go to the Dean. Be clear with the consequences in the beginning! Type a letter home regarding respect and responsibility.