Year: 1996-1997
Month: February
Leader: Group B

Situation/Case Study:

Teachers are concerned about where to place the students. How do you deal with putting classes together? Who does it? How do students get placed? How much influence do teachers have?

A teacher might feel frustrated at having another person, who does not know the whole child as well as he/she does, making the decision and placement. A teacher may feel frustrated having to make judgment about another teacher. A teacher may be afraid or concerned about parent pressure.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:
Classroom placement. General attitudes of children. Teams. Eighth graders.

Two elementary schools shared their procedure of using the pink and blue card system. Teachers did the placements. Other teachers shared similar kinds of procedures. I shared a St. Paul model where the principal does the placement and a few others.

Talk to parents about the tests. Tell them why the scores may vary. How the tests are interpreted to parents should be discussed, determined and inserviced.