Life Balance Inventory

Life balance is a satisfying pattern of daily activities that is healthful, meaningful, and sustainable to an individual within the context of his or her current life circumstances. (Matuska & Christiansen, 2008, p. 11)

The Life Balance Inventory (LBI) was developed by Dr. Kathleen Matuska to measure your life balance based on the following principles,

Your everyday activity patterns must enable you to meet the following important needs:
In order to meet these needs through your activities, you also need to be able to
This is a free on-line tool that will help you determine areas in your life where you are balanced or imbalanced. After completing the inventory you will learn:

Completing the LBI will take approximately 10 minutes. Please try to go all the way through the LBI once you begin.
The data provided may be used for research purposes and by completing the LBI, you are implying consent.

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Copyright 2009 by Dr. Kathleen Matuska @ St. Catherine University