Year: 1996-1997
Month: December
Leader: Group J

Situation/Case Study:

Seventh grade girl who is bright and very conscientious about academics has always received A grades. She is in competition with older sister who is much brighter. Teacher gave the girl a B grade in Social Studies because of the poor quality of her work. The girl can not accept teacher's explanation even after the teacher compares her work with the A work. Other teachers agree that the girl's work in not A quality. The girl goes to the counselor and complains teacher is not fair and not teaching to her learning style and requests a switch to another teacher. Counselor confronts teacher with same accusations and allows the girl to switch. The teacher questions the fact that the counselor never talked with him prior to granting the girl the switch. Teacher is also concerned that: 1) the girl is putting in all her time & effort in science, the subject her sister excels in; 2) that no one is addressing the girl's lack of self-worth as an individual and 3) the counselor never consulted with him.