Year: 1996-1997
Month: January
Leader: Group J

Situation/Case Study:

The first year teacher is assigned to replace another teacher after the first quarter. The class is composed of 22 students, all in the low average skill range; six work with Connections, another 12 need such assistance. The class resents the change of teachers and accuses the first year teacher of causing the change. They daily express verbal insults to the first year teacher, accuse him of "picking on them" and often yell out "You are just trying to screw us!" And, of course, they do not complete any assignments given by the first year teacher, claiming the expectations of the first year teacher are unfair. The former teacher, of course, never made them do such unreasonable "stuff." The former teacher continues to help the first teacher and is very supportive of the work the first year teacher is attempting. The former teacher also tells the first year teacher to "hang on," the semester is just about to the end.