Year: 1996-1997
Month: December
Leader: Group A

Situation/Case Study:

The younger sister is disorganized. She continually states that she cannot do the work and she will not do anything alone. The paraprofessional works with her at all times. Special education cannot work with her because she has not been officially classified as EBD: they are considering Ritalin. Last year she swore at the teachers, but not this year. Strict limits have been working, and she has had a good year. My concerns are with the family situation. I have no control over the family situation. I have expended a lot of effort but everything that is tried does not seem to go anywhere. There is no support from home. Special education and social services have worked with the family. The home has destroyed the daughter. Student demonstrates weird behaviors around men. The mother has cancelled conferences four times.

A teacher in such a situation might be frustrated because the parent is unresponsive and provides a poor home life. The child has no follow-through. The home-school safety net has not worked for the child.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:

Teacher deserves a special pat on the back for giving her a good year. Do time-outs and being grounded work? Provide alternative rewards such as art or serving as a teaching aid for 2nd graders. Provide a positive male role model. The classroom teacher has the right to read the whole file on one of her students. Maybe give her a job in order to nurture responsibility such as being the class messenger or giving the word for the day.

The group finds it difficult to connect to theory and research. The owner of the situation found the discussion helpful.