Year: 1997-1998
Month: April
Leader: Group J

Situation/Case Study:

Two boys won't do any work the teacher assigns. They are always late for class, (25-35 times) to date. They love being sent to Structured Study; nothing is ever giving to the boys as consequences. There is no observable change in their dysfunctional behaviors. Neither the parents nor the principal of the building give the teacher any support. The teacher shared the situation because she is beginning to wonder if she wants to continue to work against such odds. She is not able to see herself making a difference in this setting...and wonders if her energies would be more profitable in another career. Behind the scene an alternative situation is being applied for one of the boys. However, there is a waiting list and so it appears as though nothing is being addressed. Parents are withdrawing their consent for an alternative because of the delay. The time crunch of trying to make transitions for the end of the year. "I am out of energy, I feel sucked-out. The student dying of brain cancer is closer to death and I as a teacher involved with the student have no resources to handle the grief.