Year: 1997-1998
Month: November
Leader: Group L

Situation/Case Study:

The issue to discuss chosen by the group was stress/stress management. The group first completed a stress test to check their individual stress level. The discussion then centered on school-related stress. The case study chosen pertained to the stress in the classroom.


Theories behind practice:
Teachers in this situation might feel a lack of support, a lack of validation, frustrated, and liable for possible accidents/injuries. Stress can take place at all school levels. A teacher serving as a school coach may feel frustrated and isolated.

Impact on others:
Classroom management and psychosocial-emotional development.

Construct an action plan (i.e., communicate concern and possible action/options to appropriate school personnel, document and disseminate communications). Engage additional support systems (i.e., parents and other school personnel serving in a similar caprection.