Year: 1998-1999
Month: October
Leader: Group F

Situation/Case Study:

Unmotivated students

Trying too many methods. Students are not accepting responsibility. Students want the attention. Power play. Use of negative consequences cause power plays on the part of students. Students want to find out who is in charge. Students trying to impress each other. Since the students know the teacher is "new" they are testing the limits. The students may be unfamiliar with her expectations.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:

Chose one plan and stick with it for awhile. Seek ideas from the dean. Discuss special needs students in the class with special education staff. Get ideas on how to work best with those students. Catch them being good. Discuss the basics related to your expectations. Video tape the class and discuss the behaviors with the students. Establish rules with the students. Seek suggestions from the students about how to resolve the problems. Use a rewards system... have the student "compete" with other hours for behavior. Provide a reward for the hour that reaches the goal first.