Year: 1998-1999
Month: March
Leader: Group F

Situation/Case Study:

Sharing units, ideas, instructional strategies with colleagues.

"Moucher." If one agrees to help it is different than being asked to help and it is not reciprocal. Teacher is lazy. Is she competent in this area? Teacher is proud of it, wants credit for it. Does she share in return? Concern that if someone else does it it may not be as successful. Will they do it as you would do it? Teaching is a creative process you need to put that time in. When it is new and exciting you want to hold on to it. You put a lot of self into it, taking the material is taking from you, it's a personal thing. Teachers like to get the credit. You want to perfect it yourself. It takes time to answer questions. Ownership. Want to have her "do her own work." Need to commit to mentor her through the experience.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:

Hard to find ideas so people go to one another. Want someone to collaborate with, could you collaborate with her? Reciprocity? Is the idea too good not to share? Know that you probably do it the best; take pride in the fact that it will help other kids. No one can do it exactly the same way. Other teachers will make it their own. Do a deal--you could ask for something of hers. Get a commitment from her for feedback on the materials and ideas to enhance the unit. Switch classes and take her students through the activities. Find balance in sharing. View it as intellectual property. Expect to be cited as the originator of work. Say you might publish it and, therefore, do not wish to share it. Tell her you are fine tuning it and need to work further on the ideas. Give her the original ideas to let her work on. Tell her you will answer questions for her. Some will hand over things just to make sure it is done similarly. Give her some of the work but select what you will share. Formats, handouts etc., may be exbe expected to be developed individually. Recognize that it will be taught differently. Each is an individual case--depends on the individual who is asking.