Year: 1997-1998
Month: March
Leader: Group C

Situation/Case Study:

Next year two building structures will be coming together. The 6/7 graders will be known as middle east and the 8/9 graders will be middle west. Both will be housed in the old high school, which has not been used for two years. The 10-12 graders will stay in the new high school. Many teachers do not know if they will be a part of the middle school or if they will be included in the high school. Middle school and high school have very different philosophies. Teachers are very unsettled because of the proposed changes.


Theories behind practice:
Conflict between philosophy and practice. Management appears to be top-down (Glasser: difference between boss and leader). Fear of change. Fear of unknown. Lack of focus on students. Territorialism.

Impact on others:

View this as an opportunity to: model the team concept; reconsider everything for leadership; positive people to work together

This was a topic of great concern to everyone in the group. They are really worried about what will happen next year. Note: At the beginning of the meeting, one of the group facilitators suggested that the group discuss the concerns regarding 6/7, 8/9, and 10-12 grades moves for next year. Each person wrote down their concern about this issue. The conversation progressed from there.