Year: 1997-1998
Month: November
Leader: Group G

Situation/Case Study:

Two teachers who share the 2nd grade teaching position have a male student who is very challenging. He constantly is in motion, and has everything in his mouth. He has developmental delays. He has been tested and does not qualify for LD services. His parents do not want ADHD mentioned. He had heart surgery when he was 3. When consulted about these problems in school, the cardiologist said that he is an active boy. He is a very nice boy. The teachers have tried many strategies with little success. The current behavior modification plan is having some impact.

A teacher in this situation would feel frustrated. Her only option at this point would possibly video tape the boy and share the video with parents so that they as parents can compare with other children the same age. A teacher in this situation may feel helpless because the parents have limited the options that may be explained in order to help this child. A teacher may feel inadequate because the many strategies that have worked in the past are ineffective in this situation. The teacher may feel challenged to find what works with child. A teacher may feel frustration because she is trying to do her job and help a child who, obviously needs some help. Unfortunately she is not getting the support needed from the parents and very limited support from the system. She has a better view of the whole picture and not just the moment. A teacher in this situation might feel frustrated because he is impossible to reach and as you spend all your time and energy trying to reach him you will not be facilitating other students in the classroom. The teacher in this situation feels frustration at not being able to "reign" this child in and to have a referral made. The teacher has concerns for the other 18 children in the room who are losing her attention to this child. A teacher in such an event might feel frustrated because she has so many years of experience and yet there doesn't seem to be clear answers about this student. The teacher might feel frustrated and angry because the parents do not see the adverse effect on the learning of other children in the classroom due to this child's behavior.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:

Video tape - show the parents. Can we do this? Need permission from parent Save work sample to show average written work in grade level. Both parents at conference? Examples of students before/after medication. Call cardiologist to see if he will talk with parents to recommend help for the student. Legal issues - if parent doesn't want referral, parents need to sign. Paired activities What is his interest? Sharks. When he gets to the point of doing it, he occasionally gets finished - poorly. Have you tried clay? Velcro strip - fuzzy side only - in and students can rub it. Oral part? pick as goal for behavior modification program. Moves around so much in the classroom. Ask parent to keep track of it at home. Occupational therapy - no services available. Have group/class think about this problem. Use of literature to look at similar problem.