Year: 1997-1998
Month: April
Leader: Group C

Situation/Case Study:

Teacher calls a parent to discuss the child's lack of progress (she is now failing) in math class. The parent accuses the teacher of not providing his daughter with the assistance that she needs to achieve. The teacher informs the parent that he was available both before school and during lunch periods for those who wanted extra help. The girl never attended. The father became verbally abusive to the teacher. He used aggressive and foul language. The teacher ended the conversation with a sarcastic remark. Now the teacher is unsure about his handling of the situation.

A teacher is this situation might feel... angry, anxious because the parent was so offensive and aggressive. It was such a violent affront. The teacher needs to feel supported that he handled the situation professionally. threatened, angry, frustrated. scared about the consequences; pressured; unsure of appropriate format; satisfied that the conversation ended when it did. betrayed, disappointed; like the student had let him down and did not take responsibility for her lack of action. put on the spot; defensive, not knowing what to do; worried about his job; worried about his attitude and repetition. frustrated and angry because no respect was shown by the parent and no explanation or reasons were accepted. May also feel unsure as to correct procedures to follow with irate parents. angry, unprepared and pressured to give in to parent; panic. This is a time when the normal conversational rules may not apply. Ending conversation and getting back up from the principal are in order. Also, recording the event. angry with the parent for his non-professional remarks and concerned for the daughter. pressured to take the abuse from this parent because of the student's failure. They may also feel at fault for giving this parent such a hard situation to deal with regarding their child. angry, pressured for being personally attacked and questioned from an unqualified individual. might obsess! Replay and replay with many scenarios.

Theories behind practice:
Communication with parents is essential for student achievement.

Impact on others:

Send the parents a letter about future plans for the girl. Keep the dean informed about this situation,

The group was able to provide the new teacher with a lot of support during this very difficult situation.