Year: 1996-1997
Month: February
Leader: Group K

Situation/Case Study:

The teacher received a note from a parent that the child had lost his "packet" of work. The teaching team has a policy that kids must pay $.10 a page to replace lost work and this has worked extremely well. The parent asked the teacher to give him a new packet without charging him for it "or bawling him out as he already feels like a loser." This would be the student's third packet. The student is not motivated and has a history of not taking responsibility for his actions or his materials. The teacher called the parent to talk about the issues including helping the child to take responsibility. The parent responded with hostility saying that she never wanted to be a teacher and didn't appreciate the fact that he had work to bring home and that she doesn't have time or the inclination to help him or to follow up on whether or not it is done.