Year: 1996-1997
Month: April
Leader: Group K

Situation/Case Study:

This teacher has been a classroom teacher and so knows what that job is all about, but this year is in the role of a specialist. Some teachers resent her for taking their students out of their classes and will subtly sabotage her program. Others see her as a "dumping ground" for kids. She will have students sent to her room at any time during the day with the expectation that she will work with them one-to-one to help them complete a classroom assignment, even though she may have a scheduled class at the time. She has tried to remain flexible, but feels that she is being taken advantage of and her work is discounted. She understands that some of this may be in reaction to the teachers fear that their students will not score well on year-end tests and so expect her to "fix" the kids so that they can test well.