Year: 1997-1998
Month: March
Leader: Group F

Situation/Case Study:

What do you do about students who are absent or skip extended periods of class time and then expect that teachers reteach lessons, provide missed handouts, assist them in catching up and expect that the teacher assume the responsibility for their absence from class?

Students have been saved so many times from "failing" that they expect it. They have been enabled to do little work and still not fail. Students are not taking responsibility. Fear of failure and not taking failure seriously because there are no consequences; many are bailed out and escape failure. Lack of motivation on the part of students. Not taking responsibility for their work, their grade. They have learned they can get by and pass even if work is not turned in. They have learned teachers will make exceptions. Lack of consequences for missing/late work. There is no unity in consequences across grade levels, subject areas - no consistent practice. Students think they can make up points through extra credit. Students have been "taken care" of in the past. What are the legal issues? Can we fail them? If some students find something difficult they give up. Some students lack the self-discipline to complete the work. Some avoid challenges, don't want to sweat it out. Students don't prioritize.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:
Absences. Late work policy. Failure.

Work one on one with those in danger of failing. Think about whether they value the subject, which can effect their motivation. Be explicit about expectations to avoid problems. Do the parents value the course? If parents don't think it's important neither will the students. We need to recognize their own learning style so they know how they learn. List expectations and stick to them. Be consistent Have them come in after school to make up the work. Decide how much after school time is necessary for what has been missed. Give point reductions. Other faculty members have different policies that make it hard. There is no consistency in the grade school. Need administrative support for a school policy. Policy could be agreed upon by subject area. Getting teachers to follow policy would be a problem. Some students have no sense of limits. Administrators need to take a stand and follow through on established policies. Need to have teachers accountable for the policies. Document what you have done to address a student's lack of completion of work.