Year: 1998-1999
Month: April
Leader: Group A

Situation/Case Study:

A second grade student has slipped in his performance. He previously responded to the student teacher but not when she returned for her second experience. When there was work to be done, he would glue his hands together. When he acted up, teacher would call the specialist, not the principal. The specialist had the phone off the hook, and the teacher went down the hall to find her. The specialist said, "Is he bothering you? If you can't control him, I'll come." Teacher called Principal and he came to pick up the student. Principal said to teacher: Our understanding was to make him successful in the classroom. This practice has blown up in my face. Specialist has been in the school for two years. While the intern questioned her abilities, professional teachers were also treated the same way. Isn't our job to teach the children the skills they need whether they are academic or social? The rocking and rolling on the floor and the reluctance to tell the child this is what I need you to do. Child blew out of control last week and even with the specialist. District person attended the meeting. Child had reward system, but it was too complicated. Now, the system is simplified: yes, no, time-out, and removed from classroom to a special place. Both teacher and classroom need a time-out. When the line is crossed, there is a time-out consequence. Student is with a therapist now. Teachers and intern have felt alone. Principal is supportive of the situation. Student was suspended Monday and Tuesday. Before time with the specialist, he rarely blew in the classroom. After the second time, the principal called a meeting.


Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:

In dealing with colleagues: be flexible and try to understand the other person's point of view. How could the problem been solved early on? The teaming approach helps to alleviate the feeling of being alone in your feelings or thoughts about a child or a situation.The group had decided to bring their teaching "gems" to this session. However, only two members had remembered.