Year: 1997-1998
Month: May
Leader: Group C

Situation/Case Study:

A regular education teacher feels that the special education teacher is fulfilling all of her responsibilities. The regular education teacher feels that the special education teacher should co-teach and co-plan the class. Not only does this not happen, the special education teacher is often late or completely missing from class. The regular education teacher has 10 special needs students in the class and needs the support. The two teachers have talked with their administrators with no resolution.

A teacher is this situation might feel... frustrated, defensive, experience "unfairness", inaction. frustrated and let down. conflicted due to professional and personal connections. taken advantage of. frustrated, powerless, upset, unsure of how to follow through without hurting anyone. frustrated because of the expectation there is help and then there isn't. frustrated, angry, disappointed with the friend who is not meeting her needs. Is she meeting the kids needs?

Theories behind practice:
Professional responsibility. Collaboration strengthens experiences.

Impact on others:

The regular education teacher should continue to pursue resolution of this issue with her building representative. The regular education teacher should put her expectations in writing.

This was the last meeting of the year. I think the group worked well together but it is interesting to note that we ended on a topic that was similar to the one that we started with -- roles of special education teachers in the regular classroom. However, the hostility of the first meeting was missing from today's discussion. A level of trust and mutual respect has developed among the group members.