Year: 1996-1997
Month: December
Leader: Group E

Situation/Case Study:

I have this first grade kid who peeks at others in the rest room. The other kids have complained several times about his peeking at them. I have talked to him privately and he knows what he should be doing. He has received warnings. I have now told him how I can't trust him to go alone. He went two weeks OK and then forgot and started doing it again. I have called the mother and she is supportive about trying to stop this behavior. I am only allowing him to go with the class break to the lavatory. I send him in first and get him out as soon as possible. He understands this behavior is not acceptable and he knows right from wrong. It is like this is some impulsive behavior that happens before he can stop and think about what he is doing. We have seen other examples of his compulsive behavior around the school. At one point he sneaked away from our class and went to the adjoining rec-center building. I marked him absent because I didn't think he was in school. When a secretary caught him he made up a story about being a new kid from Texas who was lost and couldn't remember his teacher's name. The secretary escorted him back and he told her he remembered the way now. She let him go and in the twenty feet to the room he managed to sneak into the lavatory where he hung out for another few minutes until he was caught again and returned to my room.

The teacher feels frustrated because you can't do it for the student. The personal control has to come from within the student. The teacher feels frustrated that she can't do something to help him control himself. The teacher feels worried about his self-esteem/social interactions. The teacher feels overwhelmed looking at the long range of where he is going with his impulses. The teacher feels concerned about where he will be when he is 15 peeking in neighbor's windows if he doesn't learn how to control himself. The teacher feels frustrated with the unknown. Where will this lead him? Is this a little thing? Will this pass? Will it develop into a bigger thing? Should I let it go? The teacher feels powerless. Women can't go into the boy's lavatory to supervise him. The teacher feels she can't put a program together to solve this issue. The teacher feels discouraged. The other kids tease this kid; they can be so vicious to anyone different.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:

Use the school social worker. Work more with the parents. Try to get him into a friendship group. Bring him to the 504 Team for a binding plan.