Year: 1997-1998
Month: February
Leader: Group E

Situation/Case Study:

The group chose to focus on the role of the specialist teacher for a general discussion. They talked about: my role as a specialist is not understood by the other teachers. There is not enough time for me to do my job as well as work with other teachers. To many teachers see the specialist as separate rather than as part of a team. The scheduling of specialists is a mess in this district. Why can't I teach all the 6th graders one day and the third graders another day? As it is I do one class of 6th, two of 3rd, two fourth..... I can't be effective in such a back and forth schedule. I would like to teach and prep with other teachers. As it is I go straight through with no break and have to eat lunch on the way to another school.


Theories behind practice:

Impact on others: