Year: 1998-1999
Month: December
Leader: Group C

Situation/Case Study:

The teacher is concerned because a CD player that she confiscated has a CD with very violent and sexually explicit music on it. She thinks the parents should be called but the administrator doesn't think it is a big deal. As an experienced teacher she decides to take the issue to another administrator. This person agrees that the issue should be discussed with the student's parent.

A teacher in this situation might feel... 1.frustrated or upset for having a value crossed but hesitant in some respect about making "too big" or "too little" of an incident. 2. conflicting emotions as to what role they should play. 3. depressed; degraded. 4. depressed with the attitude of the one administrator. 5. concern for the success of a student and whether or not they are reaching the kids. 6. conflicted about how to properly proceed when a value issue is at stake. Do we go from a personal or a school basis to deal with the problem? Since values are so personal, the action taken can vary from person to person. 7.shocked and/or uncertain what to do. 8. wondering what will happen in future as lyrics, etc., keep getting more shocking. 9.that a teacher must stand up for their values and ask themselves if the behavior is either promoting or going against the creation of caring citizens.

Theories behind practice:
Value-based instruction. School/community values.

Impact on others:

Teachers must take a stand on values.

The group was very engaged in this discussion. One person who was supposed to leave early, couldn't tear himself away from the conversation. The teacher s strongly felt that values were an important component of their teaching but they also have anxiety about taking it too far. Many learned that the district has a mission statement that can help guide them in these situations.