Year: 1998-1999
Month: January
Leader: Group C

Situation/Case Study:

Several teacher s expressed concern about a lack of responsibility on the students' parts. Many students turn in work late and do not appear concerned.

A teacher in this situation might feel.. 1.frustrated and angry that his/her efforts have not motivated the student to care enough to do the work. The teacher will have to allow himself to separate what is in his/her control and what is in the student's control. 2.worried about the student’s success- do you allow it or have strict rules consistant throughout the system. 3. like teacher is losing control; like she is portraying herself as a crabby, sour-faced teacher; frustrated with grades. 4. frustrated because we as teacher s want our students to experience success. When we see them making wrong decisions or being irresponsible it hurts us and we take this feeling as a personal failure. 5. frustrated that the students do not hand their assignments in on time which causes the teacher to have extra work to do later when correcting other assignments. 6. frustrated because they set goals and deadlines that were expected to be met but were not due to lack of student responsibility/motivation. 7. frustrated because s/he has an expectation that papers will get done and turned in on time and when that expectation is not met, a conflict arises. 8. conflicting emotions while dealing with another teacher's request and keeping their own ideals intact. 9. like the bad guy and wonders why the situation arose. The special education teacher seems to have a different idea of what should be done or she wouldn't ask for extra time. It feels like a conflict may develop. 10. frustrated that their work is going for naught. We want all our students to do well and we do not like to see them fail. We may even view their failure as a reflection on ourselves. 11. frustrated and want to wrap things up; angry, feel like their losing control of "ownership" of their room/policies. 12. obligated to give the student more time to complete the assignments so s/he will not be viewed as too tough and have to deal with parent phone calls and the teacher may also feel like a failure because the student is not producing what is expected. 13. frustrated because expectations are clear and some students comply while others do not.

Theories behind practice:
Academic standards. Importance of teaching responsibility.

Impact on others:

1.As a department, establish criteria for late assignments and then stick to the policy. 2.Post student grades regularly. 3. Explain late paper policy at open house.

This discussion generated a lot of interest for all. Everyone could relate and shared concern about this issue. The group gets really involved with all topics. Once again, we discussed right up to the very moment when we are scheduled to quit. Even then, some teachers stayed and talked for a little longer.