Year: 1996-1997
Month: January
Leader: Group A

Situation/Case Study:

The group selected situation #2 involving a fourth grade student with AD/HD and prominent parents who are very involved in school. Student hates art, doesn't want to participate in regular group. The art teacher has tried many different types of art projects and the novelty has worn off with this child. Art teacher has tried every option and doesn't know if this would go on if parents weren't so powerful and involved. Everyone is "dancing" around the problem instead of dealing with it. Does he need separate projects for this child? Parents wanted student to build things. Possibly the child gets different messages from each parent. Are we dealing with this problem effectively? The art teacher feels the child needs outside counseling.


Theories behind practice:
The focus of this discussion centered on Domain B of Pathwise. The central question for the participants was: where do you draw the line with a student who is taking all your time and learning from the other 27 children who are not disruptive?

Impact on others:

Is this the proper placement for this student? The district has school that offers a room for troubled children. Maybe clear expectations need to be put forth for this student? Are consequences in place for this child? Is the TST program possible in this school? Possibly an older peer could help him. Maybe the child needs to have a plan and see consequences. A team approach seems to be needed.

In January, the group elected to do two discussions in order to make up the canceled November meeting due to weather conditions. We addressed two situations in January.