Year: 1997-1998
Month: January
Leader: Group E

Situation/Case Study:

My class comes from gym. I allow them a quick drink. Maybe my lineup procedure could be better. I call rows. I use rewards with music as a system for getting them lined up. Still kids waltz in. I get 1 with special needs. It is hard to be patient. I some times meet my kids half way between the gym and the room to try to help them get going. I feel I need to get to the bottom of these little things. There are little squabbles all the time.

A teacher in this situation may feel unappreciated and ineffective because students do not recognize the importance of her lesson. A teacher in this situation might feel frustrated and unprepared because there are so many different classes that are being serviced every day. There are also many different personalities that need to be serviced as well. A teacher in such an event might feel annoyed because time seems to be wasted during transitions and students are unprepared. A teacher in this event might feel pressured and confused because she is unable to make the mental transition herself to the needs of the next class and at the same time meet the needs of the class. A teacher in this situation will feel frustrated because it seems that all the gains they've made during class time are lost in those few minutes and because of the lost instructional time. I would feel frustrated and frazzled dealing with what at times may seem to be very chaotic transition times. I would be hoping for some help from administration in the scheduling of classes, and help from other staff members I see during the day. The teacher would feel frustrated and not in control of the class. I feel frazzled during the transitional times when so many students are coming to me with their individual needs. I also feel curious about other techniques I can use to help the transition go more smoothly.

Theories behind practice:
The group talked about class time. Class management.Routines Scheduling. Time for Kids to tell. Block time. Common Prep time. The group had some discussion about the pressure for the Grad Rule. Why does all the focus need to be on the lesson and not the kids? Why can't we allow five minutes for kids to pass from rooms? Why do we have to move all the classes at the same time? Why can't we move a few at a time? Maybe we should allow five minutes before we get organized. Let the kids have the spotlight for a few minutes, the curriculum isn’t that important Don’t let the kids come to class with coats and backpacks for the last hour or they think they are done for the day. Use a “prompt and prepared” clipboard and check late students.

Impact on others: