Year: 1996-1997
Month: December
Leader: Group D

Situation/Case Study:

The AP student started the quarter doing well. She did well last year and was on the yearbook staff, which she enjoyed. This year she is not involved in school activities. Recently the student began sleeping in class. It's a small class of only nine and a relaxed atmosphere. The student leaves class without permission. Her work has varied from excellent to failing. She avoids eye contact. Teacher called her mother who came to school where she railed at the teacher; told her she couldn't understand since she doesn't have kids herself (the teacher does have children). The student arrived for the meeting late and had her boyfriend with her. The mother then razzed the student in front of everyone (other students had arrived). Teacher tried to intervene but was unsuccessful. After this meeting things improved then fell again. Teacher is afraid to contact the mother after the earlier experience. The student's parents expect her to go to a prestigious Air Force school after graduation.

1. The teacher feels powerless after trying many tactics. 2. The mother is no support and puts pressure on student. 3. The student may want to appear unusual or unique. 4. The teacher has lost her positive relationship with the student. 5. The student is not motivated by goals parent and teacher have for her. 6. The student seems to be avoiding something. What? Teacher felt these hypotheses captured the situation.

Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:
1. Student failing to meet high potential. 2. Student acting out. 3. Lack of response to teacher interventions. 4. Parent who escalates problem.

1. Refer the student to a counselor. 2. Discuss the situation with the student privately and draw up a contract with student determined goals. 3. Assign consequences for inappropriate behavior like leaving class and sleeping in class.

Session went smoothly. Facilitator did not follow the later steps, as the information seemed to come out in the natural flow of the discussion. Maybe the step by step process is contrived and limits what can go on.