Year: 1996-1997
Month: November
Leader: Group H

Situation/Case Study:

Students are sent to the special education teacher to work on a project. When they return to the classroom the other students have had a treat from the regular teacher while the special education students have been forgotten. No treat! This hurts the special education teacher just as much as the special education students. The regular teacher does not include or collaborate with the special education teacher in curriculum, treats, or other ways. The special education teacher wants to make modifications but the teacher won't share ahead curriculum or assignments. The regular teacher puts down the special education students in front of others, in subtle comments. The regular teacher is friendly outside of the school building (socially) but intimidates the special education teacher at school. Although she doesn't want to pullout student for services, she does because the students won't be served by the regular teacher. The regular teacher wants the students out of her room. The special education teacher lacks the time to talk the issue out with the regular teacher because they have no common time (special education teacher works between two buildings). Special education teacher will continue to pullout kids because it's easier and the kids will be treated respectfully.


Theories behind practice:

Impact on others:
Inclusion philosophy. Teacher collaboration. Student self-esteem

Special education teacher should identify a time to meet with the regular teacher. Ask the teacher, "What can I do to help?" "What's the next unit?" "How can I assist you?" Suggest to the principal that the school sponsor a workshop on "How to Include Special Education Students in Core Classes" (a workshop for all). Discuss strategies for inclusion.

Teacher needs to talk to the teacher. Make this an issue when he doesn't think it's an issue. She feels comfortable confronting the teacher by herself.