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Grading Policy

The grading system of the University includes the following grades with appropriate grade points assigned to them:

Grade Points Description
A 4.000 Superior achievement of course requirements
A- 3.667
B+ 3.333
B 3.000 Better than satisfactory achievement of course requirements
B- 2.667
C+ 2.333
C 2.000 Satisfactory achievement of course requirements
C- 1.667
D+ 1.333
D 1.000 Less than satisfactory achievement of course requirements but acceptable for credit
F 0.000 Failure to achieve course requirements

In addition, grades with the following notations are also given:

Grade Description
S Satisfactory; credit given; does not affect grade point average
U Unsatisfactory; no credit given; does not affect grade point average
W Withdrawal after official deadline
I Incomplete
X Signifies that the course extends beyond term end date. Replaced by grade when course is completed
AU Audit

Grades are available on KateWay after the grade due date. You are notified in writing when academic performance has resulted in probation, suspension or other academic action.

A grade of incomplete is given only when unusual circumstances deem it appropriate. Ordinarily, such circumstances would involve matters that are not wholly within your control, such as illness. If you wish to receive an incomplete grade you must complete a Petition for Incomplete Grade form (available online) no later than the last day of the term in which course requirements are due. You must be making satisfactory progress in the course and you must have completed 75% of the course at the time the petition is filed. Incompletes are awarded at the instructor's discretion. If granted, the normal deadline for completion of the work is no more than eight weeks after the last day of classes in the session or subsession in which the course is offered. The instructor may establish a due date after the normal deadline if you request it and special circumstances warrant it. The instructor will submit an alternate grade that will automatically be recorded if you do not complete the requirements for the course by the deadline. If you complete the course requirements in the time allotted, the instructor must submit the final grade by the deadline.  Extensions to the due date originally agreed to by you and your instructor must be approved by the appropriate academic dean.

University policy states that once a final grade is recorded, no changes are allowed. Exceptions are made if the grade change is due to a reporting, transcription or computational error or in extraordinary circumstances (i.e. circumstances that could not reasonably have been avoided). Changes may not be made on the basis of modified or additional work completed by a student unless all members of the class had the option to submit additional work. Faculty must include the reason for the grade change when the new grade is submitted using the online Request for Grade Change form. There is no deadline for submitting grade changes based on recording or computational errors.

Students who seek grade changes as a result of extraordinary circumstances (i.e. circumstances that could not reasonably have been avoided) must abide by the Student Academic Grievance Procedure Grade Appeal Process and must meet all deadlines.  For students, this form can be obtained by contacting . For faculty, the form is posted in Kateway on the Faculty Life page under Registrar Online Forms for Faculty.

When you elect the S/U grading option for a course, work meriting a letter grade of C- or better is recorded as S (Satisfactory). A final grade below C- is recorded as U (Unsatisfactory). S and U grades do not affect the grade point average.

Associate program students may choose this option for no more than one course per semester and for a maximum of 12 semester credits excluding CLEP and proficiency exams. The S/U option is not allowed for professional courses or program required liberal arts courses.

Baccalaureate students may choose this option for no more than one course per term (excluding courses only graded S/U) and for a maximum of 26 credits excluding CARL, CLEP, proficiency exams, and other ways of earning credit via prior learning assessment that do not have a letter graded optioin. The S/U option is not allowed for courses in your major or minor field, or for CORE 1000 and CORE 3990. Unless stated by the major department, the S/U option may be elected for required supporting courses. You should be aware that most graduate schools require letter grades in all the prerequisite courses for their advanced degree programs.

You must elect the S/U option by the published deadline. The form for electing the S/U option is available online. Once elected, the S/U option may be rescinded, but the decision to rescind must be made before the S/U election deadline. The decision to rescind cannot be reversed.

If you repeat a course at St. Catherine University, the most recent grade received for the course is counted toward the grade point average, although the previous grade remains on the transcript. If you receive a U or F grade, credit may be gained only by repeating the course and not by proficiency exam.

You must obtain permission from the department chair or program director to repeat a course. If extraordinary circumstances prevent you from repeating the course at St. Catherine's, you may petition in advance to repeat the course at another institution. Petitions must be made in writing to the Office of Academic Affairs and must be supported by the department chair or program director to be considered. If the petition is approved, the repeat grade policy will be applied.