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Certificate Programs

A certificate provides concentrated education in a specific area and awards academic credentials to those who complete the requirements. Both women and men may earn certificates at St. Catherine's. The students enrolled in certificate programs come from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds.

Certificate students take courses that are part of the regular college curriculum and are taught by St. Catherine faculty. Most certificates require six to ten academic credit courses, which are permanently recorded on a student's transcript in the Registrar's Office. Some certificates also include guided learning experiences or internships. Some certificate programs require that the student maintain at least a C average in the certificate courses. Accounting Certificates I & II
Business Administration Certificate
Coding Specialist Program
Medical Sales Certificate
Montessori Credential
Pastoral Ministry Certificate
Phlebotomy Program
Piano Pedagogy Certificate
Sales Certificates I & II
Second Major Certificate
Spiritual Direction Certificate
Urban Library Program

A bachelor's degree is not required for the undergraduate certificate programs. To enter a graduate-level certificate program, applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Individuals apply to certificate programs through the offices of admission and financial aid on the campus where the program is offered.

Students may be concurrently enrolled in a degree program and a certificate program at the College of St. Catherine. Students working on both a certificate and bachelor's degree must also apply for admission to the college through the offices of admission and financial aid.