Career Development


Networking is connecting with people and finding individuals who work in the field in which you would like to work, or for an employer that is of interest to you. It is one of the most effective means of finding a job. Used properly, networking results in approximately 65% of new job offers. However, be aware that networking is often misused—its purpose is to connect you with the people and organizations that need your skills and talents. Networking is NOT about putting an individual on the spot for a job! A career counselor can help you learn the right ways to network effectively. Common networking resources include:
Friends and Family – tell everyone you know about the kind of job you’re seeking, and ask for them to keep you in mind if they know someone who is hiring or hear of anything.
Work Contacts and Colleagues
St. Kate's Alumnae Database – visit the Career Development Office to ask about finding alumnae for informational interviewing. The Career Development Office provides coaching and written information about informational interviewing.
Professional Associations – join a professional association while in college and you can often become a member at a reduced rate. Attend some of the events sponsored by the organization and if you can, volunteer to help with a program or event. By doing this, you can meet professionals in the field, network for opportunities, and develop new resume highlights! Find associations by doing a web search and/or ask faculty in you department about good professional associations. The St. Kate's library has a large directory of national professional associations.