Career Development

On Campus Recruiting

Periodically employers visit campus to meet with students about internships, part-time jobs and career opportunities. Career Development strongly encourages students to take advantage of these opportunites to meet with employers. Students may connect with employers via the following means.

Information Tables: Employers schedule days to come to campus to speak with students informally at tables on the second floor of CDC. Most often these employers are hiring for part-time positions, internships or representing graduate school programs. Visits by these employers are advertised in Daily Update, on the Career Development website calendar, in KatieClick and sometimes through targeted emails. Employers who regularly reserve information tables include, ACR Homes, Walgreens, Americorps and Ecolab.

Students will not be allowed to interview on campus without completing the requirements listed below! A new On Campus Interviewing Form is required each year.

On Campus Interviews: Employers also visit campus to conduct one-on-one screening interviews to hire individuals for internships and full-time professional career opportunities. These positions are posted in KatieClick and advertised the same way as Information Tables. For a student to interview on campus with an employer she must be chosen by the organization based on experience and education, and have met the following college criteria:

  • Attended an Interviewing Preparation Seminar (seminars listed in KatieClick and advertised) and completed on campus interviewing forms, or
  • Met with a staff member in the Career Development Office to review interviewing guidelines and completed the on campus interviewing forms, and watched a video on interviewing.

Interviewing times and pre-selection requirements vary from employer to employer. Details and processes for applying for a position and information about how to sign up for interviews are listed with the position posting in KatieClick. All students are welcome to apply for posted jobs and internships, and are encouraged to do so if they are interested. In addition to attending an Interviewing Preparation Seminar we strongly advise students to make an appointment for interview coaching with a career counselor prior to meeting with an employer by calling our office at 651.690.8890.