Career Development

On-Campus Interviewing

How to Register for On-Campus Interviewing:
All students
planning to participate in any on-campus interviews

with the Career Development office.
The registration process must be completed prior to scheduling any interviews, and will be valid for the entire academic year.

To be officially registered, you must:
___ attend one session of the interviewing workshop or call the Career Development Office at 651-690-8890 for alternative options. These workshops are offered on a regular basis throughout the academic year, you must sign-up online prior to attending this workshop. See details below.
____ complete 2 forms: On-Campus Interviewing Agreement and a Student Resume Waiver *obtained at the workshop
____ apply via KatieClick to the position you wish interview for on-campus.

Login to KatieClick to sign-up for a session of the On-Campus Interviewing Registration Workshops. (Alumnae should contact the Career Development office for assistance, 651-690-8890.) Look in the calendar for available workshop dates and times and click "sign up".