Cost of Attendance

Calculating Your Program Cost

The Financial Aid Office individually designs a financial aid award for each student based on her or his unique financial and academic circumstances. To do this, we use a matrix of program costs based on averaged expenses and enrollment for each type of academic program. These program costs determine a student's financial aid budget, and are used as a baseline for developing financial aid awards to help meet educational needs.

For an average program budget:

  • Tuition rates are calculated using per credit program tuition costs and average registration at each enrollment tier (full-time, three-quarter-time, half-time, less-than-half-time).
  • Fees include mandatory program and student fees, but do not automatically include student- or course-specific fees.
  • Housing costs are calculated based on a comparison of standard on-campus living rates, local off-campus living rates, and estimated expenses for students living with family members.
  • Meal costs are based on on-campus meal-plan options as well as local cost-of-living indexes.
  • Books expenses are averaged based on overall student book costs, and are not specific to individual courses.
  • Personal and travel expenses are established by using national and local comparisons, and are not specific to individual choices.

2014-2015 Cost Information by Program

To learn more about your program's averaged financial aid budget, select a program type below: