Financial Aid Office

Step 4: Apply for Loans

1: Submit FAFSA application
2: Submit St. Kate's financial aid application
3: Assess award package
4: Apply for loans
Your loan eligibility is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When you receive your financial aid award, it will include loans for which you are eligible as well as the amount of funds available per loan. You may choose to borrow any, all or none of the loan funds. Always make sure you understand the terms of any loan you are considering.

Tools for determining your costs and calculating your balance are available on the Cost of Attendance Webpage. By selecting your program and then completing a Cost Estimation Worksheet, you can gain a better understanding of your individuals costs, what will be covered by grants and scholarships, and how much you may need to borrow in loan funding or cover through personal resources.

If you have questions about your packet or need to borrow more loan funds than you see listed on your award letter, contact our office. You may be eligible for alternative loan options.

Loan Comparisons

To compare the terms of the different loans available to you and help determine which loans would best meet your needs, use our loan comparison chart.

Specific loan instructions

Follow the instructions for the specific type of loan you are authorizing.

You are responsible for repaying any loans borrowed and for paying your University bill, regardless of whether you are successful in completing your program and obtaining employment.