Financial Aid Office

Step 2: Submit St. Kate's Financial Aid Application

1: Submit FAFSA application
2: Submit St. Kate's financial aid application
3: Assess award package
4: Apply for loans
At St. Catherine University, we have a wide array of scholarships and grants available for our students. To be eligible for this aid, all students must fill out the St. Kate's Financial Aid Application (which is separate from the FAFSA). The application is a short online application that asks questions about your degree program, housing plans and anticipated number of credits.

Please note that all new students must have already been accepted to the University as a degree or certificate candidate applying for financial aid.


Submit a St. Catherine University Financial Aid Application for the appropriate year. Make sure to keep copies of your materials for your personal records.

Fill out St. Kate's 2014-15 financial aid application now

If you do not have internet access, please print out the form and mail it to the financial aid office.

Deadline: April 15

The priority date for submitting your application is April 15. This is not an absolute deadline, but financial aid funds for some programs start to run out for applicants after this priority date.