St. Catherine Outside Aid Information Form

Please complete and submit this form to the Financial Aid Office if you will be receiving any of the following outside aid for your education:
  • Private scholarships, grants, fellowships, and/or other awards
  • Tuition reimbursement from an employer or state tuition reimbursement program
  • Vocational rehabilitation or Veterans educational benefits
The outside aid will be received for the academic school year checked below:

Student Last Name
Student First Name
Student ID#
Program Enrollment:

Outside Scholarship Award Information
Will you need to submit grades before receiving this funding?

Scholarship Award Name(s)
Annual Award Amount
Tuition Reimbursement Information
Name of Employer:
Will you need to submit grades before receiving reimbursement funds?
Are you being reimbursed on a percentage basis?
    If yes, indicate percentage: %
    If no, please indicate the total dollar amount you will receive per term: $
Estimated date(s) on which the University will receive these funds:
Veterans Benefits and/or Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits (Voc Rehab)
Please indicate any Veterans Educational, Voc Rehab, or other benefits (such as State Tuition Reimbursement) you will receive for the selected academic year and the anticipated award amount:
Chapter or Affiliation: (e.g., Chapter 33, 30, etc.)
Amount expected: per Month: $ OR per Term:
If Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill, the percentage of your eligibility:
Other (please specify):
Notice: Outside Awards may impact other awarded Financial Aid. If adjustments are required to your financial aid award, then need-based loans, student employment and St. Catherine Grant may be reduced. All non-University awards are estimated until funds are received and disbursed to your student account. It is your responsibility as an aid recipient to make proper application to the funding sources as necessary. The University will not offer replacement funds if you fail to complete the process by established deadlines.
Note: The Student Accounts Office will receive payments for students from Student Jobs and Training Funds. If you have questions about receiving these funds, please contact the St. Catherine Student Accounts Office at (651) 690-6503.