Graduate Catalog

Courses: MAOL

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Ethics and Leadership
Organizations: Social and Political Structures
Strategic Communication
Federal Corporate Taxation
Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations
Accounting and Finance Skills for Effective Decision Making
Accounting Systems
Research and Analytical Skills for Decision Making
Directed Study
Values-led Leadership
Work, Meaning and Purpose
Leading Teams and Projects: Tools and Skills
Managing a Diverse Workforce
Independent Study
Topics: Introduction to Legal Process
Topics: Economics of Social Policy
Topics: Small Business Finance
Topics: Socially Responsible Leadership in Health Care
Topics: Strategic Sales Leadership
Topics: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Leadership
Leadership in the Public Forum
Professional and Organizational Ethics
Marketing Strategically
Healthcare Policy: Ethical, Financial and Quality Issues
Strategic Finance
International Trade and the Global Economy
Power and Leadership
Leading Organizational Change
Modern Accounting Theory and Practice
Leaders of a New Millennium: Cultivating the Potential of Emerging Women Leaders
Credit for Academically Relevant Learning (CARL)
Strategic Management
Leadership Seminar
Action Project Research Proposal
Thesis Research Proposal
Leadership Action Project
Leadership Thesis