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Graduate Catalog

EDUC 5620-5640

Early Childhood Student Teaching Practicum I, II and III

Credits: 2 cr.

Course Description:
Supervised internship practicum in approved sites as specified in the American Montessori Society accreditation guidelines. A University supervisor will make a minimum of three visits to each student during the nine-month practicum.

The three courses (I, II and III) are offered in the fall, winter and spring terms, respectively. Attendance is required at a supervised weekly practicum seminar with materials, including spontaneous problem solving and support sessions once per week throughout the school year. (Out-of-town students must arrange supervised practice and seminar each week with their supervising teacher.)

Practicum seminar includes Montessori materials and problem-solving sessions. These courses may be repeated. Students who are doing their practicum away from the University pay all additional costs of observation by the practicum coordinator.

NOTE: An alternative self-directed, internship- practicum model can be completed in two years.

Acceptance into the Montessori program and completion of phase one.