Human Resources

Student Employment Position Types and Wages

Students work anywhere from 1-15 hours per week depending on their schedule and position. Student employees work an average of 10 hours per week. On-campus and off-campus opportunities are available.

On-Campus Employment
Typical student positions on the St. Catherine University campus include:
  • Dining services staff (main dining room, grill, deli, marketplace, and catering)
  • Library aide
  • Fitness center receptionist and lifeguard
  • Residence hall receptionist
  • O’Shaughnessy auditorium usher
  • Computer center assistant
  • Science lab assistant
  • Early childhood aide
  • Office/clerical assistant

Other Types of Employment
Benefits to On-Campus Employment
  • Schedules are often more flexible than off-campus employment.
  • Shifts can be shorter and scheduled between classes.
  • No transportation is required.
  • On-campus jobs pay more than the current minimum wage.
  • The College is exempt from withholding FICA and Medicare taxes from your check during the Academic Year. This means you receive 7.65% more per hour than students who work off-campus.

Student employee positions at St. Kate's receive a minimum hourly rate of $9.50/hour. Student positions that require advanced knowledge, duties, skills, or responsibilities can be paid at a higher rate using the pay rate justification process. Assessment of the job duties and correlating pay rates is determined by the Human Resources department.