Human Resources

Student Employment Position Types and Wages

Students work anywhere from 1-15 hours per week depending on their schedule and position. Student employees work an average of 10 hours per week. On-campus and off-campus opportunities are available.

On-Campus Employment
Typical student positions on the St. Catherine University campus include:
  • Dining services staff (main dining room, grill, deli, marketplace, and catering)
  • Library aide
  • Fitness center receptionist and lifeguard
  • Residence hall receptionist
  • O’Shaughnessy auditorium usher
  • Computer center assistant
  • Science lab assistant
  • Early childhood aide
  • Office/clerical assistant

Other Types of Employment
Benefits to On-Campus Employment
  • Schedules are often more flexible than off-campus employment.
  • Shifts can be shorter and scheduled between classes.
  • No transportation is required.
  • On-campus jobs pay more than the current minimum wage.
  • The College is exempt from withholding FICA and Medicare taxes from your check during the Academic Year. This means you receive 7.65% more per hour than students who work off-campus.

St. Kate’s has a three tiered system for student employment positions. The three tiered system and the rate of pay for each tier is as follows:
  • A BASE RATE of $9.00/hr per hour for all students new to a position. Example: Basic office assistant positions..
  • A HARD-TO-FILL BASIC RATE of $9.25 per hour for all students new to a position. This rate is typically used for positions that are harder to fill and retain students in.
  • ADVANCED RATE of $9.50 per hour for all students who take a position that has been classified as advanced. This includes positions where students are working without supervision for long periods of time, positions where they are dealing with confidential materials and positions that require specialized skills or experience in order to complete the task.