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Currently in its 23rd year of production, Colleagues Newsletter was originally conceived as a high quality journal that would promote civic discourse, create a community of writers and invite campus-wide engagement, participation and collaboration in the learning process.  It is the only communiqué on campus that fulfills this mission and since its inception has featured articles by more than 600 faculty, staff and students, including both nationally recognized and first-time authors in more than 119 issues. 

Colleagues keeps our community informed about the work we do, covers timely topics, presents a forum for students, chronicles and documents campus life and activities and links faculty and staff together across disciplines and geographic locations as we become a large and multifaceted university.

If you wish to become a contributor, please contact the editor at

December 2013

 Colleagues, Volume 23 Number 2 December 2013,   AHA MOMENTS AND INSPIRED TEACHING 

Exploring the topography of a city on foot; using musical instruments to teach physics; building an interactive, public art work on campus and time traveling through history to attend a tea party are only a few of the teaching innovations you will read about here. We asked teachers to describe the creative, different, unique, outside-the-box or perhaps even daring feats they have attemped to enhance their teaching, and they delivered. Kudos to all for our often amazing efforts to inspir our student.
Gay Herzberg, Editor

Articles in this is issue:

  • "Mastering Milkweed: Design Exploration from Floss to Fashion," by Trudy Landgren, p. 1
  • "Meeting Clarence!" by Lori Steffen, p. 2
  • "Seeing for Ourselves," by Jeff Johnson, p. 3
  • "Working with Student Course Managers: A Trial Run," by Betty Biernat, p. 3
  • "What can you learn from a Hershey's Kiss? Odds are...quite a bit!" by Ann Sweeney, p. 4
  • "How Building Musical Instruments Helps Students Understand Physics," by Jolene Johnson, p. 4-5
  • "Teaching in the Moment," by Jim Robinson, p. 5
  • "Urban Exploration in Downtown St. Paul," by Jack Flynn, p. 6
  • "I Think Our Students Are Amazing!" by Jamie Peterson, p. 6-7
  • "The Tea Party," by Louise Edwards-Simpson, p. 7
  • "WRITING AND THINKING: A Mini-Meditation," by Susan Welch, p. 8
  • "Velkommen, Aunt Lena!" by Melinda Lockard and Ginger Hedstrom '03, p. 8-9
  • "Clinical Immersion in an Inter-professional Program," by Karen Sames and Rebecca McGill, p. 9
  • "Pen to Paper: An Intergenerational Anthology," by Gay Herzberg, p. 10

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October 2013

 Colleagues, Volume 23 Number 1 October 2013, AN ODE TO SUMMER AND REPLENISHMENT! 

Summer! Say it softly and the word itself sounds like a languid sigh,  rich with possibility and promise. Summer is important. There is no  doubt about it; it is a season like no other in which we play and  sometimes even work differently. It is also a time universally appreciated as a respite from the cares of the rest of the year: a time  to rejuvenate our bodies, souls and spirits and to replenish what we  have used up in the fall, winter and spring.

“So what did you do on  your summer vacation?” is a question we asked each other as children and  as adults as recently as last week. We queried a number of your colleagues for their responses as well (a few actually stepped forward  of their own accord), and this issue of Colleagues chronicles their  reports. Gay Herzberg, Editor

Articles in this is issue:

  • "What I did on My Summer Vacation," by Patricia Olson p. 1
  • "All of the Things That Fly Between Us," by Lucas Pingel, p. 2
  • "July Afternoons in St. Paul," by Pamela R. Fletcher, p. 2
  • "Walden Revisited," by Anne Maloney, p. 3
  • "Ah ... the Anticipation of Summer," by Carol F. Kuechler, p. 4
  • "The Intersection of Baseball and Teaching," by Todd Deutsch, p. 4-5
  • "Perspective," by Arturo Sesma, p. 5
  • "Speeding Up and Slowing Down," by Brian Bruess, p. 6
  • "Crossing Lake Superior," by Cynthia Egeness, p. 6
  • "Beyond My Comfort Zone: A Summer of Italian Adventures," by Kelsey Will, p. 7
  • "Transitions in the Library," by Kathi Rickert, p. 8
  • "Crossing Bridges," by Dorothea Hansmeyer, p. 9
  • "Australia!," by Cynthia Dols, p. 10

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