Monday, Nov 24, 2014
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Welcome to the O'Neill Center website.
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The O'Neill Center (ONC) exists to support and enhance the academic achievement of all St. Catherine University students.

Components of the ONC

The ONC is composed of three sub-centers:

  1. Writing Center
  2. Math/Science Center
  3. Resources for Disabilities Center

The centers operate in concert to provide a comprehensive range of programs, services, and facilities that appeal to students across disciplines, programs, and academic levels.

One of many...

The ONC is a vibrant, welcoming department located at the heart of the university in the Coeur de Catherine.  From its central location, the ONC maintains close ties to faculty and staff, as well as many other departments and offices.

...yet also one of a kind.

The ONC's academic support services are centered on individuals.  Staff members, including professionals and peer tutors, work closely with students to address their unique needs and interests - at no cost.  Througout the process , students gain self-confidence and learn to appreciate their own ways of learning in a supportive environment

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